Thursday, December 12, 2013

Full week

It feels good to be home after a full week. We got a lot accomplished this week including a very successful trip out to Indianapolis.  Add that city to the list of places I'd never want to live. We also made it out last night to a steak dinner and a little bar hoping after. Let's just say it it was a long day today for the entire team. 

On a retaliated note, next week we have a partner coming out to Dayton who is infamous for his drinking. The team has all ready been warned by leadership that we will be doing some heavy drinking next Tuesday night and that we will all be super hung over on Wednesday.   Uh oh. 

Also tomorrow is the DC christmass party. Open bar and dinner at a nice French restaurant. I've heard these things can get a bit out of hand too. I'm gona need some serious detox over christmas. 

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