Monday, January 20, 2014


Two more weeks left in Ohio. It feels weird that it's coming to an end. I guess that's normal when you are on a long term project like this. This is week 14 not counting the the first week and the week between Christmas and New Years. 

So as a parting gift to myself I booked a flight to Jackson Hole after my last week. Right now the plan is Friday night through Monday. Then it will be back to DC as I look for my next assignment. Hopefully it comes quickly.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

TSA Precheck

Last Friday I complete the process for TSA Precheck and this morning was the first time I've gotten to use it. All I have to say is it is all ready the best $100 dollars I've spent this year. I also now have global entry too which means that idony have to wait in line at customs. 

So this morning I am flying out of DCA. That combined with Pre meant that I made it from my door to the gate in 25 minutes.  Maybe I need to switch my allegiance to American so I can experience this more often. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Years resolutions.

Today is the first day on the clients sight and one of my New Years resolution is to be healthier when I'm on the road. I guess there's no better way to keep me honest than to publish it. 

Morning 1: up at 6:30 and hit the treadmill at the hotel for 2 miles. I was lazy and didn't make it over to the gym. I honestly had a bit of jet lag last night. When you spend all day a plane I guess that happens

Now the goal for the day is not to be a pig at dinner. It's a team members bday gluttony is a risk. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex

These are words you don't want to hear when you travel for a living. It started out as a blessing seeing as I was in San Diego this weekend and my flight on Monday morning was canceled. I don't think many people will complain about an extra day in 75 degree weather when the alternative is -9 degrees in Dayton Ohio.
It was a bit of a pain sitting on hold with travel trying to get a different flight out though. 

So today's travels have been interesting.  First my new ticket to Dayton had a connection in DC. This is the second time in two months I've flown from the west coast with a connection in DC. It's a bit bitter sweet passing through your home city but not going home.  

The flight out of SD went well. Got upgraded to dirt class. No complaints hear. Unfortunately I am still sitting on a runway in DC. After multiple delays and gate changes they loaded us on the plane.  The only problem is the plane need gas and the gas truck is no where to be found. It's been 45 minutes and counting. 

The bright side, I will get in so late no need to go to the client site. I may even have time to check into the hotel and hit the gym. Fingers crossed. That is if the don't fall off from frost bite first. MINUS NINE DEGREES!

San Diego 

Not San Diego. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wheel chair parade.

I just watched US Airways load 9 people in wheel chairs onto my flight from Phoenix to Ontario. Nine! Onto an A320!  I've never seen such a thing. It was littlatly a procession of chairs. Way to go US Airways. 

It kind of reminds me of a time I was in Amsterdam. We had had a long day and were relaxing on some step in the sun. I'm told while I dosed of in the steps some lady fell down the steps right next to me. I awoke to her being hauled away in a wheel chair. I groggily look at my sister and asked, are we I front of a hospital or something? What's the deal with the lady in the wheel chair?

So I ask, did I just accidentally board a hostpital. Just wondering. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy new year.

So I decided to come back to DC for New Years and I'm glad I made the trip. First off, a red eye flight is much better when you are in first class. That said its still a red eye an you feel like poop the next day no matter what. 

For New Years I ended up at what started as a pretty mellow house party. Some how the group that I came with outlasted everyone including the host. In the end good times were had by all. And the view wasn't bad either. 

It was kind of crazy rehashing all the places I've been over the last two weeks. I guess I am becoming an expert traveler. It went. Ohio -> Los Angeles -> Mammoth Mountain -> Los Angeles -> Pismo Beach -> San Diego -> DC. And starting tomorrow I will do Big Bear -> San Diego -> and back to Ohio. 

Which would you choose?





San Diego


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

You'll shoot your eye out

It's been a pretty good to start to Christmas. 

Start with a morning at the beach

Then a trip to mammoth 

And some awesome fireworks

Then wrap it up with some hotpants