Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy new year.

So I decided to come back to DC for New Years and I'm glad I made the trip. First off, a red eye flight is much better when you are in first class. That said its still a red eye an you feel like poop the next day no matter what. 

For New Years I ended up at what started as a pretty mellow house party. Some how the group that I came with outlasted everyone including the host. In the end good times were had by all. And the view wasn't bad either. 

It was kind of crazy rehashing all the places I've been over the last two weeks. I guess I am becoming an expert traveler. It went. Ohio -> Los Angeles -> Mammoth Mountain -> Los Angeles -> Pismo Beach -> San Diego -> DC. And starting tomorrow I will do Big Bear -> San Diego -> and back to Ohio. 

Which would you choose?





San Diego


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